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This Is, The Smurf Page. He Ye shall learn of thier Communist-and drug relations.

S.M.U.R.F.s . . . Not just cute little people but-"Socialist Men Under A Red Father!"-S.M.U.R.F.s

Papa Smurf, Being the obvious ringleader and ruler of the Smurf land. The man IS the red father! The most obvious connections being . . .HE WEARS RED! This signifies that he is higher and more powerful then the other lowly Smurfs. He has too much control in the environment where everyone is supposed to be working together for the better of the whole . . .Look at em'!! He's a regular Stalin! I mean, He makes all these other Smurfs work hard, why he sits on his butt . . .sound familiar? Well, It Should. LOOK AT Russia BEFORE they cleaned their act. . .GEEZE!. Papa Smurf definitely has the real Authority. Some of his evil Commie Smurf orders include . . . "Build a mushroom house"---To Brainy Smurf.
"Put that mirror up"----To Vanity Smurf. And "Hey, Come and Lay me now!"----to Smurfette.

The working class includes all the other Smurfs and their various jobs..."Its communist; I don't like it"
in the famous words of Grumpy Smurf.

The Baddies include Gargamel and Azreal......Now now now, Can you say poking fun of US???? I can..."Poking fun of US" See, There, I said it. Gargamel and Azreal = Democracy and its futile struggles to defeat the commie bastards in Vietnam, etc.....

So, That's The S.M.U.R.F. Theory!

The Smurfs . . .
Drugs . . .

Is there a connection? YES! There is! Smurfs spelled backwards is . . .Sfrumfs . . .Which kinda sorta sounds like Shrooms! I mean, look at em'! The animators must have been
smokin' sumptin'! The Lil' Dudes are Blue for Cripes Sake! Let's see, they live in
mushrooms, and they always end up with some new and even more retarded story EACH Episode!

And on to Those Smurf Berries they are always picking...I think we know what those are . . .and not to mention those 'magic potions' Stalin---I mean Papa Smurf is always mixing . . .with the his SHROOM house...

The Smurfs also live in peace and harmony with nature and eachother.....kinda sounds hippish to me, how bout you..peace man!...all i've got to say about that is our favorite lil' Grumpy smurf quote...'i dont like it'

And we cant exclude he really looking for the smurfs..? or is he after both

them and thier village!! If he gets the village, he gets their those smurfs are so whacked out over thier own drugs, he eats them, he gets high!! I mean the smurfs litteraly have the stuff flowing through thier veins here....

So, it inevitably leads to Commie Druggie Hippie smurfs


Pimp Smurf: Well, He Charged to much with Smurfette and the other Smurf Chicks, That the Smurfs(living in thier commie enviroment mind you)Just plain couldn't pay. Bummer.

Homosexual Smurf: Simple, There were no Gay Rights back then!

Satan Smurf: Isn't Communism Enough?!

Slutty Smurf: Though Cheaper then Smurfette, she wanted to much of the Smurfs, and Peyo...So they couldn't keep her on.

Masochist Smurf: They never liked to show Blood, did they?

Fat Smurf: Whilst Portraying a perfgect Society, Fat people aren't alowed.

Lazy Smurf: There's no room for laziness in a Communist society

Demon Smurf: Would have been Satan Smurfs friend...

Heavy-Metal Smurf: That's not the kind of music our Parents want us listning to...bummer

Astronaut Smurf: He was on the moon the whole time

Trippy Smurf: No...wait...That's all of them!

Gynacologist Smurf: Well, That's not appropriate

Skater Smurf: JNCO's weren't invented back then.

Fruity Smurf: Well, he wasn't so bad as Homosexual Smurf, But still...

Democratic Smurf: They had him shot before epp. 1!

Anime Smurf: He was cool. They should'a kept him. "Super Saiyan Smurf Attack!"

Robo-Smurf: He got rusty "Danger Pa' Smurf Danger!"

Beer Smurf: He drank to much, passed out, and missed Audition

More To Come

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